Why Pringles has ditched the can for its first bagged snack in more than 15 years

Pringles Mingles are corn puffs described by the Kellanova-owned brand​​ as ‘crispy on the outside and light and airy in the middle for a melt-in-your-mouth experience’. Boasting a bowtie-style shape inspired by Mr P’s signature look, the snack comes in three flavors: Cheddar & Sour Cream, Sharp White Cheddar & Ranch and Dill Pickle & Ranch.

While innovation is at the heart of Kellanova – and therefore presumably as familiar as a well-worn path – as any stakeholder in the snacking sector will attest to, producing a new SKU is a very complex and involved process.

Bakery&Snacks caught up with Mauricio Jenkins, senior director, Salty Snacking Brand Marketing for Kellanova, at the recent Sweets & Snacks – in its new location in Indianapolis – to find out more.

“Our iconic Pringles can is part of our identity – and it’s not going anywhere – but we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and satisfy our fans’ latest cravings,” said Jenkins.

Pringles Mingls Jenkins-Mauricio

Mauricio Jenkins

“The puffy, airy snack not only gives fans a new way to experience Pringles, but it’s easy-to-share packaging creates a new way to enjoy their favorite snack with friends and family, whether munching at home for movie night, at a party or on-the-go.

“It’s our first innovation outside of the can in more than 15 years, so it’s a big deal.

Explaining the dramatic move out-of-the-can, Jenkins told us, “We are always looking at how can we identify unmet needs and occasions that we’re not able to deliver with our core proposition. Through doing that work, we saw there was an opportunity around shareability and evening snacking for the brand and were able to develop Pringles Mingles in answer.”