What advances is AI making in bakery and snacks?

AI-generated bakery and snack images have created an enhanced buzz​​ around the ever-advancing technology. Yet, AI’s capabilities go far beyond aesthetics. The tech is helping transform bakery and snack businesses through automation, optimising processes and even teaching others all about the industries.

“AI has the power to revolutionise our industry,” said Alex Lloyd, head of Organic Acquisition at January, when talking to Bakery&Snacks about the tech’s role in the bakery and snack sectors.

Agency belongs to the individual

One area AI strives to excel is democratizing access to bakery and snack products and services. Making food choices available to consumers – regardless of budget, location, allergens and sensitivities or lifestyle preferences – calls on tech companies to examine and implement advancing AI.

Digital shoppers are an avid consumer market, propelled by rising mobile commerce, the Covid-19 pandemic and the expansion of online delivery and click-and-collect services. Maximizing convenience, ease and the overall user experience for bakery and snack consumers is at the core of AI applications.

“AI and machine-learning technologies play a pivotal role in the baking and snacking industries, transformed by the growth of online delivery services,” a spokesperson for Wolt told this site. AI has become a vital piece of the supply chain and operational pie.

​With more consumers opting for the convenience of home delivery, AI facilitates seamless interactions, from personalized product suggestions to efficient order fulfilment.”