Trend spotting: Holistic hydration a hit across demographics

Speaking to NutraIngredients about Arla’s new range of ‘holistic hydration’ clear whey protein drink concepts, Thomas Anderson, the firm’s global head of sales, health and performance, said the firm aimed to tap into the growing audience of on-the-go protein consumers looking to gain multiple health benefits from products. 

“One of the things we’ve seen in recent years, especially since Covid, is sport nutrition going more mainstream as everybody wants to stay more healthy and as part of that process taste becomes more important,” he said. “Also, it’s not enough to have one benefit—you want to have multiple benefits…when you are hydrating with water you want benefits on top of that.

“That’s what we are tapping into with these protein waters. There’s no taste of protein, and they have additional benefits.”

The team showcased a kiwi and mint protein water, a lemongrass flavour protein water with coffee berry for a natural energy boost—a solution Anderson argued could rival the likes of Red Bull—and a white peach hibiscus flavor protein water with added zinc, allowing for a range of functional claims.

“We’ve seen that clear whey has taken of,f and in our opinion this is the next generation of this trend,” he added. 

Nutrition Integrated recently revealed Clear Whey Protein​ as a front runner in the protein market today, with the clear whey protein category experiencing a 12% increase in the number of products available in the 12 month period to December 2023.