The top trends Coca-Cola is watching: New insights platform shares key data from retail & foodservice

The platform has been developed to help retailers and operators navigate the economic challenges they face.

But it also wants to help them grow by making informed and data-driven decisions.

Coca-Cola’s business spans more than 250,000 retail outlets and 500,000 foodservice outlets across North America.

That makes it uniquely positioned to provide valuable, real-time insights to businesses that need them.

The platform uses Coca-Cola’s proprietary tools and data, plus insights from secondary and third-party sources, to bring insights into focus on a user-friendly website: which is available to all.

The platform, says Coca-Cola, ‘dives deep into the nuances of consumer behavior, and then zooms out to show the trends and context that make up the bigger picture, all with a forward-thinking outlook’.

The site launches with 16 thought leadership stories covering topics ranging from broad macroeconomic trends and the state of the industry, to reports on niche categories such as premium water trends.

Macro trends

Household demographics are changing considerably: with multi-generational and multi-cultural households. Pic: getty10000hours
  • Rising costs have significantly strained many households.
  • Key trends across culture, technology, the economy and environment are expected to redefine the consumer and business landscape in the next three years.
  • Demographics are changing consumer behaviors. Just 37% of US households are ‘nuclear families’, about half the rate they were 50 years ago. This shift demands new ways of thinking about multigenerational, multicultural and multi-roommate households.
  • Consumers are getting more informed and detail-oriented about their own wellness needs.
  • Advancements in tech – particularly AI and automation – are driving innovation and productivity.
  • Many consumers have a hard time navigating how to make proper choices when it comes to sustainability. In fact, 78% say they don’t know how to identify environmentally-friendly companies.

Source: Coca-Cola Lens, Macro forces and trends.​