Tesco predicts record demand for low and no alcohol drinks this Christmas

Demand for no and low alcohol beer at the supermarket this year has grown by more than 20%, while sales of no/low wine rose by nearly 15% and demand for alternatives to spirits grew by nearly 10%.

But the supermarket also highlights year round demand. For example, demand for no/low drinks in the first three weeks of June this year (a heatwave) was 25% higher than the first three weeks of Dry January.

What’s driving the shift? Tesco says shoppers have new-found confidence in the category: often thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends.

There’s also more choice, with Tesco stocking low and no products in their own fixture to make it easier for shoppers to browse the category. 

And that’s all accompanied by the overarching interest in health and moderation.

Tesco no and low alcohol wine buyer Joe Olding said: “Based on the huge demand throughout the year we are anticipating this festive season to not only be bigger than Dry January just gone, but to be the biggest Christmas ever for no and low drinks.

“A few years ago no and low alcohol drinks might have been a consideration to have on hand for special occasions but, as our latest sales data, shows they’ve become mainstream and are now popular all year round.

“We’ve also made it easier than ever for customers to find no and low alcohol drinks as they all sit alongside each in the same aisle.”

Among the leading brands driving the no and low boom for Tesco in the beer category are top independent alcohol-free beer brand Lucky Saint, the US’ Athletic Brewing and Diageo’s Guinness 0%.