Plant-based under the microscope: Hear from Heura, Revo Foods, Upfield and more

The plant-based market has boomed in the last decade, with projections it will double in value by 2030. But the recent dramatic slowdown suggests the category is not hitting the mark with shoppers.

With health a major driver behind decisions to reduce meat and dairy intake, is the plant-based category’s associations with overprocessing and ‘unclean’ ingredients muddying its reputation? How can manufacturers improve the nutritional credentials of plant-based milk and dairy?

At FoodNavigator’s upcoming free-to-attend digital summit Positive Nutrition 2024​, we’re putting plant-based under the microscope to find out.

Positive Nutrition: Healthy Innovation for the Mass Market 12-14 March

Over three days and six sessions, the interactive broadcast series ​will ask how industry can leverage innovation to produce healthier food and drink.

Food and beverage manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to deliver nutritious food for the mass market. At the same time, the concept of ‘healthy’ is changing. Where once shoppers were laser focused on low fat, salt and sugar, today’s consumer wants that and more.

Which better-for-you trends are resonating most with consumers? And how can manufacturers best align this new future of wellness to mainstream categories, from snacking to drinks and convenience food?  

Positive Nutrition ​will be broadcast over three days 12-14 March 2024​. Each day the morning session will run from 11am CET ​to 12:30 CET ​and the afternoon session from 3pm CET ​through to 4:30pm CET​.

Speakers include representatives from Nestlé​, Tastewise​, Organix​, NIZO Food Research​, Nourish3d​, and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research​.