Personalised nutrition: How are innovators tapping into data for healthier diets?

Developments in personalised nutrition – whereby individualised dietary advice is offered based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors – continue apace. The market is forecast to grow to over $16bn by 2027.

From measuring blood-sugar responses to microbiome diversity, how is this novel sector expected to evolve? Can personalisation ever prove a boon for the masses?  

At FoodNavigator’s upcoming digital summit Positive Nutrition 2024, we’re putting these important questions to our expert speakers to find out.  

On 13 March at 3pm CET, we’ll investigate how the personalised nutrition industry is tapping into data to encourage healthier diets.

3pm CET: Fireside chat with Melissa Snover​, founder & CEO, Rem3dy Health / Nourish3d

Personalisation and beyond: Targeting nutritional needs in retail

Does personalised nutrition have to target the individual? Or can the concept evolve to reach more consumers with similar needs? Personalised nutrition brand Nourished is exploring this question following a recent channel expansion into retail. Join CEO Melissa Snover as she shares her findings.

3:20pm CET: Panel discussion

Making health personal: Is next-gen nutrition worth the hype?​ 

Forget Atkins, paleo and keto, personalised nutrition represents the next generation of dietary recommendations. But its greatest strength, personalisation, may also be its Achilles heel: barriers to access for the masses remains high. We profile the differing approaches to health in this burgeoning sector and ask whether personalisation is a fad, a trend, or truly the future of nutrition.