Incredo Sugar G2 provides versatility across categories

The launch follows FDA filing a “no question” letter earlier this year in response to the company’s the Generally Recognized As Safe notice for Incredo Sugar G2.

The non-GMO, sugar-carrier solution “delivers the same sweetness and sensory profile of sugar with no aftertaste, which allows for the solution to maintain 100% of the taste of the sugar with up to 50% less of it,” according to Incredo.

Sugar reduction continues to shape food preferences

Sugar reduction is a top priority within food and beverage as diet-related illness continue to adversely impact individuals’ health.

According to data​ from the National Salt and Sugar Reduction Initiative (NSSRI), more than two-thirds of US adults and one-third of children are overweight or obese and roughly a third of US adults have high blood pressure, highlighting a need for additional sugar and sodium reduction in the food supply. 

“There is a big acknowledgement from consumers [and] in the food industry that reducing sugar is a benefit … it’s here to stay. And consumers want a clean label way of achieving that, and they don’t want to give up taste. And where this technology fits in very nicely is maintaining taste, because it’s real sugar, clean label and it helps them reduce overall sugar consumption,” Thompson elaborated.

G2 offers US and European customers flexibility, versatility

The cane and beet sugar options respond to US and European customers request for both formats depending on their requirements. 

Thompson added, “We have customers who feel strongly that their consumer base really wants to see cane sugar listed … on their ingredient panel. In Europe, we also have customers who believe their consumer base really want to have beet sugar on there. So, [the two formats] are really consumer driven.”