How the EU elections are expected to impact snack producers

Why are you excited about the upcoming European Parliament elections?

On the one hand, ESA is a business networking organization, while on the other, we also provide relevant policy information that help our members’ businesses grow. We also defend their business interests and do some advocacy as well.

For us, the three key interlocutors are the European Commission, the European member states and the European Parliament. A reshuffle takes place every five years, which, for us, is always a fantastic opportunity to show the successes from our sector – what have we done in terms of reformation, nutrition, reducing contaminants over that period – but also a chance to ‘inform’ policymakers, especially the new ones who do not know exactly yet where our challenges lie and how we can overcome them.

I think one of the key benefits is that we always supply data, because without data you just have claims. So we provide proof and evidence and facts in order to sustain the arguments that we put forward. We hope these are going to be considered in order to come up with sensible science-based policymaking: this, for us, is really key.

And due to the fact the majority of the parliament will be changed – there’s going to be 50% to 60% new members – it’s a wonderful opportunity to create new connections and new pathways to get across our message and work together with members of the European Parliament.

Are you hoping this new chapter will bring in massive changes for the snacks industry?

The past five years has been very strongly focused on the Green Deal, which European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called ‘Europe’s man on the moon moment’.