How should food businesses operate in areas of conflict?

Many countries experiencing conflict are the source of key crops for the food and beverage industry, such as coffee, cocoa and sugar cane. When operating in such countries, food companies must be aware of, and understand, these conflicts, in order to ensure they do not cause or contribute to conflict inadvertently.

Could aligning with a social enterprise help food business navigate their way though fragile and conflict-affected settings (FCSs)? TrustWorks Global, which itself is a social enterprise, believes so.

What does TrustWorks Global do?

TrustWorks Global is dedicated to carrying out heightened human rights due diligence (hHRDD) in a conflict-sensitive manner. The operation supports corporate and/or country-level teams to put governance processes in place in order to ensure that operations meet or exceed standards of responsibility through integrated processes to cut across company siloes.

The enterprises also assesses whether country teams are ready to operate within specific FCSs by conducting country-level hHRDD and conflict sensitivity analyses, as well as impact assessments of clients’ operations and supply chains within said FCSs, developing road maps for adapting operations and procedures.

Further, TrustWorks Global provides training to teams and leaders on hHRDD, conflict-sensitivity, and ‘soft skills’ such as mediation and facilitation, and helps its clients manage crises within FCSs. 

Heightened Human Rights Due Diligence (hHRDD)

Heightened Human Rights Due Diligence (hHRDD) does not simply mean more​ human rights due diligence. It is instead a very specific approach to human rights due diligence that combines human rights due diligence with an analysis of the conflict, with a view to understanding whether and how business activities could make the situation worse.