From circular economy incentive to a powerful ‘veggie’ collagen

The supplier specializing in ESM ingredients was launched in 2014 to tackle the growing problem of waste generated by food factories, aiming to give a second life to the byproducts of the egg industry and contribute to a circular economy. 

What started as a sustainability research initiative soon evolved into a strong nutraceutical offering, as the brand realized they had a highly efficacious ingredient. 

“We ended up with a product with a significantly lower recommended dosage compared to traditional collagen supplements,” Ainara Urtasun Pascual, technical sales specialist at Eggnovo told NutraIngredients.

According to Pascual, other ‘vegan collagen’ supplements comprise various active elements in small quantities, requiring high doses, and some animal-based collagen brands will recommend a daily dose of as much as 15g, but she claimed a dose of 300mg of Eggnovo´s eggshell membrane per day would produce “better effects and in less time”.

‘Veggie collagen’

“A big part of our mission is explaining the comprehensive benefits of our multi-formula approach,” Pascual noted.

“ESM acts in a synergistic way, with naturally containing collagen type one, five, and ten, as well as glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid among other glycosaminoglycans, and more than 200 different proteins, some of them rich in sulfur amino acids,” Oihane Nieto Iriberri, research and development lead at Eggnovo added.

“The natural ESM matrix is composed of hundreds of bioactive protein molecules with infinite physiological functionalities and the capabilities of producing greater effects than those produced by other better-known ingredients such as collagen or even chondroitin and glucosamine.”