European Commission assigns more than €185 million to grow agrifood products

Adopting a 2024 promotion policy work programme, the EC will plough the multi-million-euro investment​ into developing new market opportunities for the agrifood sector.

“For 2024, the work programme​ contains a budget of €185.9m for co-finance promotion activities designed to raise awareness of EU agricultural products’ quality, gastronomic traditions, and nutritional and sustainability features,” Olof Gill, spokesperson for trade and agriculture at the European Commission (EC), told FoodNavigator.

While a welcome sign of support and progress in pursuing agrifood development, the €185.9m amount is the same as 2023.

“The budget needs to be robust and maintain its capacity for adaptation to respond to ongoing challenges,” Ignacio Sanchez Recarte, Secretary General at the Comité Vin, which represents the European wine sector and closely follows the Promotion Dossier, told FoodNavigator. “Yet, it is worth mentioning that the budget in 2020 was closer to €200m.”

Positive differences are present in the 2024 EU agrifood promotion policy, however. Sanchez reports there is “no discriminatory criteria against alcoholic beverages and red/processed meat put forward as it was done in the 2023 initial proposal, under the ‘relevance’ sub-criterion within the award criteria assessment”.

Allocating budgetary spend

Through its capital injection, the EC aims to grow prospects for farmers and the wider food sector in the EU and support them in maintaining their existing work. Along with boosting sustainable agricultural product manufacturing and consumption, the promotion policy strives to support the EU agrifood sector’s sustainable recovery in a challenging economic context.