Destressing through food: Can functional food help stress relief?

Gen Z are “the most diverse, best-educated and most stressed-out generation in the country’s history,” FoodNavigator was told last month​. They are, indeed, very stressed. For example, according to marketing agency Mintel, 94% of Gen Z in Germany felt stressed at least once per week during August 2022, compared to 25% of Boomers.

It isn’t just Gen Z that are stressed, however. Stress reaches many demographics. In our recent Positive Nutrition event, Tastewise CEO and co-founder Alon Chen told us that stress relief is a key desire for consumers.

Stress relief, therefore, is a key trend in functional food and beverage, and consumers want foods and drinks that can make them less stressed. For example, according to Mintel, 77% of UK consumers agree that tea makes them less stressed.

Finding stress relief

Finding the right foods to relieve stress can be difficult. Israeli personalised nutrition company myAir uses AI to find the best foods for each individual to relieve their stress levels.

“We harness a revolutionary intellectual property that utilises physiological data (sourced from smartwatches) and psychological assessments (derived from cognitive questionnaires) to craft a detailed user profile,” Rachel Yarcony, myAir’s co-founder and CEO, told FoodNavigator.

“Our platform invites users to complete an assessment (at myAir coach App) to identify their primary stress effects and receive custom functional nutrition recommendations 24/7 from our Gen-AI-based nutritionist. Through the myAir coach app and smartwatch integration, users can monitor real-time improvements in sleep quality and stress reduction, experiencing the tangible benefits of personalised functional nutrition.”