Celsius teams up with PepsiCo & Suntory to expand international distribution in Canada, UK & Ireland

Celsius – which became a $1bn brand last year – has seen strong growth in the US but its international distribution is currently limited.

Its ‘new age energy’ positioning taps into a consumer base outside the typical energy drink space, which the brand believes gives it a unique proposition in the category (its typical drinkers ‘consume Celsius, but don’t consider themselves as energy drink consumers’, as CEO John Fieldly put it​​).

Celsius draws on functional ingredients such as ginger, guarana, green tea & 7 vitamins in a proprietary blend called MetaPlus. It contains no sugar, no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colors or flavors. The drink is also certified gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO.

Founded in Florida in 2005, the brand charted steady growth reaching sales of $300m in 2021. But a $550m investment from PepsiCo in 2022 has helped propel the brand to new heights: becoming a $1bn brand​​ last year.

Celsius has been growing its international revenues: seeing sales in Europe up 34% over the first nine months of 2023 (compared to the same period in 2022).

However, the $31m in revenues from international markets are still very small compared to the $930m it recorded in North America (where growth was even stronger: up 108% over the same period in 2022, thanks to continued gains in distribution points and SKUs per location.). 

PepsiCo’s $550m investment in Celsius in 2022​​ gave it an 8.5% ownership share in the company, with a long-term strategic distribution arrangement seeing the beverage and snack giant take on US distribution.