Carrefour stops selling PepsiCo products over price increases

As of Thursday, supermarket stores have started displaying the message “We no longer sell this brand because of the unacceptable prices”.

The message is equally found online: with the supermarket apologizing for the inconvenience to consumers but highlighting its commitment to lowering prices.

Carrefour, which is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world with global net sales surpassing €90bn ($99bn) in 2022, would usually sell a range of PepsiCo brands including Pepsi, Lay’s Quaker, Doritos and Rockstar.

PepsiCo announced in October that it planned ‘modest’ price increases over the next year; following previous price rises​​ in 2022 and 2023.

While inflation and the cost-of-living has been a global concern in recent months and years, it has been a particularly high-profile issue in France, which is Carrefour’s largest market and where it is headquartered (the country has even proposed a law to fight against ‘shrinkflation’).

Responding to Carrefour’s decision, PepsiCo told us: “We’ve been in discussion with Carrefour for many months and we will continue to engage in good faith in order to try to ensure that our products are available.”

French shoppers are met with this message when they try to buy Pepsi online via Carrefour. ‘We no longer sell this brand (once stocks are exhausted) because of an unacceptable rise in prices’, reads the message.