Blood sugar control spikes interest across all health markets

Just over a year since the team behind glucose control ingredient Reducose predicted that we were at the precipice of a ‘glucose revolution​’ driven by a proliferation of continuous glucose monitors and glucose focused health influencers, the trend has undeniably taken hold.  

“We have seen a lot of signals that the market is snowballing in the last year to 18 months,” Yazan El Safadi, EMEA Business Development at Phynova Group, told NutraIngredients during Nutraceuticals Europe in Barcelona last week.

He explained that a key change the team has witnessed during this period is the perception that this is no longer a health concern for diabetics alone.

“In the past, people said blood sugar spikes don’t matter as long as the body is able to stabilise itself, and we were putting a lot of time and effort into explaining the benefits to the mass market,” he said.

“That is much easier now because customers and consumers are more educatedthey know that blood sugar spikes are bad even for those with a ‘normal’ blood sugar average because going outside the normal range leads to energy spikes and drops and too much too often is bad for our long term health.”

New concepts in aging, women and sports 

He said it is now widely recognised that regular blood sugar spikes in the long term can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney and eye problems, nerve issues and more.

“I was just speaking with a healthy aging specialist company that told me they had never even considered this before, but they now realise it’s a really important element of their work,” El Safadi said.